Galleriet Yoko Andersson Yamano
4 maj - 26 maj 2024
Vernissage 11-16, 4 maj 2024
  • Itʼs on the table. /The case of glass industry
  • My art is inspired by behavior, and has traces of the private quirks of people in different cultures and contexts, while at the same time being based in the technical artisanal exploration of the material features of glass. What especially interests me is the transparency, fluidity and possibility of clear glass.
  • Since I've learned glass blowing and cold working in Småland, I now keep using beautiful traditional Swedish techniques that probably will disappear in the future, as the ways of the market shapes production.
  • While visiting factories in several parts of the world I got to see very poor environmental conditions, and it left a strong impression on me. It is of huge importance for me that my production is healthy in regards to environment and worker’s conditions.
  • Since 2018 I write columns for a mainly Japanese audience about my thoughts and my role as a craftsman, artist, woman and mother working in a foreign culture. I've also written a book with the title “Glass”, reflections about glass art craft industry as encountered through the project “Glass Tableware in Still Life” which have been showing in contemporary art museums in Japan 2023 and 2024.
  • I try to speak about my concept of "glass tableware" as sensed through multiple different mediums and actualised in different matters, genres and styles, and I hope to stimulate people to reflect on crafted glass tableware.
  • Yoko Andersson Yamano
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