1 april - 26 april
Vernissage lördag 1 april, kl 11-16.
  • Ivan Jelinek at blås & knåda
  • Ceramic artist Ivan Jelinek was born in 1951 in Prague where he grew up. He trained in ceramics at what is now the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in the Czech capital and has worked professionally with ceramics since 1971.
  • Ivan Jelinek’s teapots, jugs, sugar bowls and other ‘tableware’ are not exactly everyday utensils, hidden away in kitchen cupboards. They are made from high-quality porcelain covered with a glaze to which silver or gold is applied. By exaggerating the shape and the movement of the contours, these ‘domestic’ items have become sculptures with recognizably human traits. The spout of a pot sometimes hangs a little listlessly to one side, while another such spout flirts with the jug next to it. Ivan Jelinek models them all with a great sense of love and he presents them to the public in a context that he also models himself.
  • Sweden first became aware of Ivan Jelinek’s unique ceramic gifts when he took part in an international exhibition of art ceramics at blås & knåda in 2014. Such was the impression he made that Sweden’s most prestigious collection of crafts and applied arts, the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, purchased one of his works for the museum’s permanent collections.
  • blås & knåda is proud to be able to present a solo exhibition featuring the unique ceramic art of Ivan Jelinek.
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