Haidar Mahdi
14 april - 30 maj
Vernissage 14 april 11 - 16
  • Projektrum blås & knåda
  • Under perioden 14/4 – 30/5 intar Haidar Mahdi blås & knådas övre galleri. Han kommer att aktivera rummet med objekt samt jobba med lera på plats. Haidars verk närmar sig surrealism i färg och form och hans arbete driver till viss del med det barocka och överklassiga. Han skapar ornamenterade, demoniska världar i pärlemor och guld med materialet i fokus.
  • Artist statement:
  • My work is a happy but very stubborn creature. Like a big hippo with small, extremely short, dainty legs. Like the legs of a beautiful ballet dancer. I think it is a she – she varies from day to day. Regardless of gender, the creature has a small tutu that is far too skimpy. She is extremely happy.
Others may sometimes think she is annoyingly happy. She smells sweet – almost somewhat over-sweet. A little like the scent of vanilla – it can get too much. She dances and sings. If there is no music she creates her own. Everyone hears her delightful singing and her laughter. When she bounces forth with her soft yet elastic body she is a bundle of energy that spreads happiness, color and joy. Fireworks, glitter – there are sparks around this animal. Everything she touches turns into the most beautiful things. Her task is to fill the world with beautiful colors and harmony. In the evenings notes pour out of her gramophone, and the notes find their way around, so everyone can hear. When they reach your ear the notes are converted into what you want or what your soul needs.
The notes can fill a whole party. They can also fill the void left by someone who took love with them and disappeared. A sleepless soul wakes up from a sweet dream. That is what my work is like.
  • Projektrum blås & knåda har som mål att synliggöra det nutida konsthantverket, utveckla utställningsformatet; frångå klassisk galleriutställning och istället visa utställningar som utvecklas. Konsthantverk är kunskap och projektrummet blir en plats att visa processarbeten och föra samtal om konsthantverkets praktik.
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