GALLERIET, Friederike Zeit Narum
6 - 24 maj 2023
Vernissage 6 maj 11-16 2023
  • Friedrike bor både i Arvika och i en liten sydtysk by vid namn Deidesheim. I Arvika jobbar hon med sina objekt i en väldigt liten atelje. Hon ringlar varje objekt för hand och bränner i lergodstemperatur. Här kommer hennes egna ord om hennes arbete inför utställningen på blås & knåda:
  • "I approach my work in a intuitive state of mind, my craft  and life are the vehicles that carry me through. I start with an image in mind, and a vague idea of my destination. Through the process new questions arise that develop my sculptures into new fields of thoughts. Since 2017 I worked with landscapes. Inspired from the Norwegian and Swedish nature. Fjords, mountains, the beautiful lakes around me. Listening to the news, full with catastrophes, pandemic, war, all over the world. I started to turn my landscapes upside down. Like I felt the world has turned upside down. Suddenly there was a total different dynamic. "Change of perspective". The title of the resent work group. Bright colors are a important part in my work. Giving a strong signal to the recipient and the room."
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