GALLERIET Monika Patuszyńska, TransForms
2 - 27 april 2022
Vernissage 2 april 11-16 2022
  • TransForms. The Polish artist Monika Patuszynska °1973 actively seeks out difficulties posed by working in porcelain. These difficulties often cause ceramists to stick to tried and tested ways of making. Patuszynska however likes the problems. She is a provocateur addicted to porcelain, playing freely with conventions and forms. The objects that she creates feature familiar elements that she strips of their original functions, arranges into new configurations and gives them a completely new role to play. Her artworks are collages of elements borrowed from everyday life and her own experience gained while working in new places and cultures, transformed by the artist, a creator-nomad.
  • She embraces the imperfections of the process and transforms them into a fundamental feature of her art. She has reversed everything. Instead of the mould being the ultimate end product, under her hand and eye, it becomes the beginning of her extraordinary process. Seams are not only showing but also created artificially in various places. She accomplishes this by smashing her plaster molds, sawing them into shards and then piecing them back together in order to create new formations, new moulds. The process is like fitting together an awkward, three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle. That it works, that the porcelain cast survives with contrasts in thickness and texture is perhaps due in part to serendipity - but more essentially, to her exceptional knowledge of the material. New birth is given to ‘bastards’ and ‘orphans’ offspring of unknown parental origin, set free into the world, fully accepting the destined outcome of the creative experiment. The result is intriguing objects, often precocious spiky bowls and vessels, with many facets. They emerge to play on our desire to pick them up because they are simultaneously both inviting and off-putting.
  • As much as playing with object, she likes to play with ideas and notions.
  • Patuszynska leans towards the history, as well as the issues of inheritance, relationships and memory. At the same time, she refers to the themes she has touched upon in her earlier projects, such as the study of the line between the unique and the mass product, the identity of places and the passing of values.
  • TransForms Plus are made of borrowed details and processed traditional designs. Characteristics otherwise considered tarnished become provocative pronouncements of existence; cracks, fissures, and topples become fully and wholly themselves; servitude and uprightness becoming utterly meaningless. They are hybrids, cross-breeds of unwanted or outdated styles and forms, kinds of mongrel cast from fragments of found plaster moulds which have been modified and joined to form completely new species.
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